The New Yorker Radio Hour

E. Jean Carroll and Roberta Kaplan on Defamatory Trump

How Climate Change Is Impacting Our Mental Health

The Making of Candace Owens

Jon Meacham: Indictment Won’t Break the Trump Fever

Jia Tolentino on the Ozempic Weight-Loss Craze

A Nebraska Lawmaker on the Front Lines of the Fight Against Anti-Trans Legislation

The Great Creators with Guy Raz

Justin Long: Taking Your Work – Not Yourself – Seriously

Santigold: Harnessing the Power of Punk, Breaking Barriers, and Learning to Call Herself an Artist

Andy Garcia: From Havana to Hollywood, an A-Lister Who Still Feels Like An Outsider

Jim Parsons: From Dreaming to Doing By Trusting Your Talent and Saying ‘Yes’

NPR Highlights

Ben Franklin’s effort to define America — hundreds of years after his death

Sen. Warren aims to prevent oligarchs from using crypto to evade sanctions

Russian forces appear to be preparing for a new attempt to take Kyiv

Try as she might, Bram Stoker’s widow couldn’t kill ‘Nosferatu’

Julia Cameron’s ‘Seeking Wisdom’ goes deeper than ‘The Artist’s Way’

The Russian-Ukrainian Orthodox Church schism continues to anger Moscow

Russian aggression forces Ukrainians to reflect on previous generations’ trauma

Ukraine’s past strengthens its resolve against Russia’s threats

College students in Ukraine prepare for their future during a threat from Russia

Family of Emad Shargi, American held in Iran, will spend the holidays without him

Sarah Ransome writes about Jeffrey Epstein abuse allegations in ‘Silenced No More’

Broadway’s ‘Wicked’ casts first person of color to play Glinda the Good

Defining T. Rex Album Came Out The Same Year NPR Debuted Original Programming

Pittsburgh Wants You To See Constellations When You Look Up At The Night Sky

Teenage Workers Are Benefiting From The High Demand For Employees

Flooding And Pandemic Restrictions Compound North Korea’s Food Insecurity

Southern Baptists’ New Leader Has Many Issues To Tackle

Catholic Bishops Consider Whether Pro-Choice Politicians Should Be Denied Communion

‘Love Letter To Black Boys’: Memoir Explores Masculinity Against Appalachian Backdrop

Southern Baptists Prepare To Meet To Elect A Leader Following A Rocky Year

George W. Bush Lends His Voice To Immigrants In ‘Out Of Many, One’

‘The Making Of Biblical Womanhood’ Tackles Contradictions In Religious Practice

How Rodney Scott Learned To Cook – And Went For It, Whole Hog

Civil War Has Left Syria In Ruins And Its People In Poverty

Kevin Macdonald, Ridley Scott Join Forces For Another ‘Life In A Day’

After 7 Months And 1,400 Gallons Of Paint, 1 Seriously Large Painting Is Finally Done

A New Album Re-Creates The Work Of The 1st Known Female Composers In America

Thomas Jefferson Descendant Reflects On His Ancestor’s Memorial And Legacy

We Are Repeating The Discrimination Experiment Every Day, Says Educator Jane Elliott

‘Marchers Are Full Of Hope’: Civil Rights Leaders See Progress In Today’s Movement

Museums Keep History Alive — Even In The Times Of Coronavirus

How Does a Luxury Apartment Building Change a Neighborhood?

Up First

I produced NPR’s Up First podcast on a rotating basis, in close collaboration with Morning Edition hosts and editors. Up First regularly ranks in the top 3 most listened-to news podcast, and I was part of the team that won the 2022 Ambie Award for Best News Podcast.

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